“It’s energizing and works well for teambuilding”

Zeeplokaal makes soap according to traditional methods. Founder Thijske started the company from her own kitchen in 2017 but soon found a studio in Utrecht. There all the soaps are made by hand. With the increasing amount of orders it is hard but really enjoyable to work for Zeeplokaal.
How many people work at Zeeplokaal?
Exept for Thijske a few indispensable volunteers.
How many times do they train with Sport in Business?
On Tuesday’s every other week, after work
What kind of trainings does Sport in Business do with Sport in Business?
Always a combination of fitness and power. The emphasis shifts per training. This works best for us at the moment. We want to include boxing as well. Thanks to the short lines on flexibility of Sport in Business this can easily be arranged.
What makes the bi-weekly trainings worthwhile for you?
It is a good moment to work-out together outside the studio, change the mindset. It energizes and builds the team. That hour together in a different atmosphere brings new ideas and we always leave inspired and re-charged. When we are very busy it is harder to create time for sports but as the trainings are blocked in our agenda’s it is an integrated part of we do that day.
Would you recommend Sport in Business to others?
Yes, definitely! We are very enthusiastic and see nice results in a relatively short period of time.

“Sports is an essential part of your daily life. To offer it to your your employees and/or volunteers is part of your credits as employer. It is been highly appreciated at Zeeplokaal. It is nice to see your colleagues in other surroundings”.

Thijske Noordhoek – Owner Zeeplokaal.nl