“What started as a try-out is now an integral part of our working week” is the webshop for man, woman and kids who want to look fashionable and styled, for an appropriate price. is unique as the collection has new, hip items every week. Twice a week, on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s launched a new collection and a big group of (faithful) followers is eagerly waiting to order. Due to the frequency of the collection and the linked amount of daily orders there is no time to lay back and relax. All departments; selling, logistics, marketing have to be on top of their business. Also for the graphic design department, that has to bring live the new collections twice a week, the pressure is high.
How many people work at
We employ about 15 people.
How many times do you train with Sport in Business?
On Wednesday’s after work, at 17.00, we have weekly trainings with Sport in Business at a location in Amsterdam Noord.
What type of training does Sport in Business do with
BYVAR prefers boxing but now and then we do some power training. The team, women only, works on their boxing skills, general fitness and stamina. When we started with the trainings we were absolute beginners as none of us sported. Our condition has increased to an really acceptable level over time.
What do the weekly trainings mean to you?
I find the weekly trainings on Wednesday important for the team. You feel the need and by now everyone is looking forward to the activity. During the week we work hard and are almost non-stop under a lot of pressure. The trainings are a welcome change to the routine and work great for our team-building.
Would you recommend Sport in Business to other companies?
Yes, I would recommend it. The trainings have only been of benefit to us. Everyone feels good and so we work in a nice atmosphere. The lessons are fun and accessible . We see improvement every week.

“Some weeks I’m not in the office a lot. When I see the team sporting every Wednesday I’m thrilled. What started as a try-out is now an integral part of our work-week”.