About us

We bring sport and work together.

Sport in Business officially started end of December 2017 by Liselot Bouman. The concept of Sport in Business originates halfway 2016. Sport in Business facilitates sport training for companies by fit-boxing, circuit- and running training, physical resilience and mental toughness. The basic idea is to improve the fitness of the employee. Keeping in mind small to medium-large companies that give their employees the opportunity to work-out before, during or after business hours. Research has proven that sports, integrated in a day’s work, lead to better concentration, less stress. The quality of work improves, employees feel better mentally and physically. During the work-outs new, fresh ideas pop-up. Sports create space in your head, allowing new insights. Sport in Business has experienced exactly this with their clients and has received enthusiastic feedback. The employees get closer and teambuilding improves. The employer signals improved effort, perseverance and reduced sick leave.

Sport in Business wants to make life as easy as possible for both employers and employees. All necessary materials and trainer(s) will be at the location to ensure a training that fits the group.

Naturally the trainings will be tailormade to the wishes of the company. At the start of a new training period, targets will be set. What does the company want to achieve with our collaboration, how can we complement the vision of the organization? Keeping in mind the current situation with regards to fitness, sick leave, attitude and behavior amongst the colleagues and between employer and employees.

What clients say about us

Timo Kars

In a short period of time Sport in Business has helped me to be fitter. My stamina has improved and I feel fitter and fresher.

HR Officer – Your Professionals

Rob van Bergen

Good for both our fitness and solidarity level.

Sales Director – Tradetracker.com

Marco Bouman

Good trainings in the physical and mental sense. Because of them I feel fitter.

Senior Recruitment Consultant – Your Professionals

Maarten Schot

The way the lessons are given is ideal. Twice a week, during lunch break, it is really nice to combine kick-boxing and fitness. I feel it helps me keeping in check during work and it strengthens our team spirit. The sessions noticeably enhance our general fitness. Attention is given to improvement of our technique and adapted to our level; tailormade! The intensity can be high which , to my point of view, is an advantage.

Business Concept Manager – Your Professionals

Kelly de Pree

Nice way to teambuilding. Recommended to all employers.

Accountmanager – Tradetracker.com

Jay Hanoeman

Well combined trainings: fitness, flexibility and of course defensive techniques. An hour of kickboxing with Sport in Business seems short, but with all variations of exercises and techniques…. sweat. Well done!

Nuon part of Vattenfall

Janneke Dijkstra

My previous employer requested Sport in Business to do the trainings. There were good results , both physically and mentally within a short period of time . A recommendation for employers who want to challenge their employees and give them the opportunity to boost their energy.

Owner – Nous Recruitment


My employer allows me to train with Sport in Business once a week. Since we have been offered this opportunity I feel better, fitter and energized to pick up work. What surprises me is that, irrespective of your level of fitness you can join the trainings. The teambuilding has a positive effect on the atmosphere. I strongly believe this is a great opportunity for companies.

Almer Bremer

Training with Sport in Business feels great. An enjoyable bi-weekly outing with my colleagues. After training it is nice to be “limping” about the office with muscle ache.

Accountmanager – Tradetracker.com