Our team was super enthusiastic which made them go to all the way

Aimforthemoon was founded beginning 2013 by two young entrepreneurs. There ambition is finding other ways to start new companies by connecting two different worlds, the corporate and the start-up. Since then Aimforthemoon has grown to a corporate start-up studio that connects a community of like-minded, passionate and entrepreneurial people with established companies. The ambition is to grow into a worldwide movement. Aimforthemoon want to operate without boundaries but with deep rooted values. Moonshot: in 2025 we want the corporate start-ups to have a positive impact on 100 million lives.
Duration team event: 90 minutes
How many people work for Aimforthemoon?
We work with 12 colleagues but next to this team we have created a community of entrepreneurs. At this moment we have approximately 50 active members in the community.
How did Aimforthemoon experience the team event with Sport in Business?
It was a really fun and varied workout. Our team was very enthusiastic and reasonably fit. As Sport in Business really challenged us, everyone went all the way. We were fortunate with the weather so the event took place in open air. The sun, the good training and the enthusiasm of the group made the team event a very complete happening.
What is your opinion on the different elements of the Team Event
The different elements made the clock tick very fast. It was fun to have variety. From the muscle ache we feel that we have used all parts of our body and that gives a good feeling. My personal favorite was the (kick)boxing. I also believe that given the fact we are a big group of different people and ages it benefits the group feeling when more areas are touched.
Was the amount of explanation and coaching during the Team Event sufficient?
There was enough explanation and coaching. Many team members were familiar with boxing so there was extra time for the starters. Everyone helped each other improving the technique which was really nice to see
What is it like to sport as a team with Sport in Business?
Sporting is a good way to create a team vibe. It was inspiring to see how you can pull each other through 1,5 hour of sporting as we did all exercises in pairs. It was a good idea to start the event with a competition. We are a very motivated group, so everyone worked out for the full 100%.
Would you recommend the Team Event with Sport in Business to other companies?
Definitely! After the training everyone went home with a feeling of satisfaction. Liselot did her utmost to ensure a good atmosphere, as a team we had to work-out and above all we had to work together. She gave clear instructions and it was a well structured event. Two days after the training we still feel our muscles and that is good. The event sticks with us. We will certainly recommend Sport in Business.