Create a suitable package with these building blocks

Every company is different. There can be enormous differences in duties, working hours, levels of pressure and intensity of the work to be done. Sport in Business will create a package that fits the wishes and targets of a company. Together with Sport in Business the targets will be set based on a baseline measurement. After a period of sports there will be an evaluation where the results can be shown and a new baseline can be set if desired.


At the start of a (new) period of training a baseline measurement will be taken based on statistical data of the company and a fitness test by Sport in Business. Possible criteria for the baseline measurement can be:

Sick leave/related costs


Stress level

Employee satisfaction

Work environment

Physical complaints/injuries



Fitness level
Based on the zero measurement a target will be set, agreements made. Both the intensity and duration of the training, can be set by the company. Recurring disciplines that must be given extra attention during the training can be determined. Of course Sport in Business will have an advisory role.


The company will start the frequent trainings with Sport in Business. Fit boxing, running- and circuit- or physical resilience trainings. The frequency can vary from one per month to five times per week. The length from 30 to 60 minutes. The target is the overall improved fitness of the employees. The agreed upon disciplines will get extra attention.
Example 1 | a sales team that has every day targets can be trained on focus, perseverance and discipline

Example 2 |
an office team that works the whole day in front of a computer, without much physical challenge, can be trained on condition, stamina and teambuilding

Example 3 |
a team of (truck) drivers who are on the road a lot and may run into challenging situations can be trained on self-defense and mental toughness.


After an agreed period of 3-, 6- or 12 months there will be an evaluation. The baseline measurements will be repeated , evaluated and targets will (if required) be set again.