One hour per week makes us fitter and stronger. We have more energy and sleep better

Vattenfall supplies energy in the Netherlands. Vattenfall supplies electricity,  warmth and gas. For houses, companies and government. The head office is situated in Amsterdam but many colleagues work in Groningen, Leeuwarden, Arnhem and Alkmaar. Together they work at that one ambition; fossil free living within one generation.
How many people work for Vattenfall?

Divided over all offices we have approximately 4000 employees of which about 1250 work at the head office in Amsterdam.

How many times does Vattenfall train with Sport in Business?

Currently the employees train every Thursday from 1600-1700 with Sport in Business. The location is a spacious room at a Sports club at 200 meters walking distance from the office in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.

What kind of trainings do you get from Sport in Business?

The trainings are focused on kickboxing. We practice the techniques and improvement of our condition and stamina.

What is the benefit of the weekly trainings?

The training once a week at a time that fits our working hours is perfect. We are still on time for dinner after work and we have enjoyed sports already. We train as a team with colleagues which motivates and strengthens us to keep coming and going. Sometimes you don’t feel like going because your are tired after a day in the office but then you are motivated by others and afterwards you are glad you went. This one hour per week makes us feel fitter and stronger and we sleep better. It also motivates us to sport individually because you get a good idea of the benefit of training. Kickboxing is the right sport as it improves your stamina and your power. Furthermore you literally kick the stress and tensions away.

Would you recommend other companies to train with Sport in Business?

Absolutely! Sport in Business offers a concept that gets employees into shape and makes them grow as a team. The “vrijmibo”(after work drinks on Friday) is nice but sporting together is healthier and works as well for teambuilding. The concept of Sport in Business makes sporting after work easier and accessible. The more efficient you integrate sports into daily life the easier it is for employees to get sufficient exercise which has a positive effect on health and achievements.

“Sporting with Sport in Business is fun. The instructors are energizing and know exactly how to balance the lessons for young and old, fit and not fit, sporty and less sporty. During the group lessons everyone is challenged to get better at his or her own level.  Training together with colleagues has a positive influence on both health and teambuilding. We get to know each other and support each other in a sporty way.”

Carlo de Reijke – Chairman Fitcorner