Blijf Groep

Sporting with colleagues is genuine teambuilding for us. The colleagues feel more connected

Blijf Groep is engaged in aiding victims of all types of domestic violence and child abuse. With those concerned, they work on identification and mapping the root and severity of the violence, first of all lifting the acute treat threat, next working on a solution for a future without violence. In ‘Het Oranjehuis’ of Flevoland, Gooi en Vechtstreek they offer, coordinate and organize direct customized assistance, at home or in the shelter, Blijf groep reacts to changes in society and they share knowledge on domestic violence and child abuse.
How many people work for Blijf groep Flevoland, Gooi en Vechtstreek?
Blijf Groep has three locations in the country. On this location we work with 37 colleagues.
How many times does Blijf Groep Flevoland, Gooi en Vechtstreek train with Sport in Business?
The colleagues from Blijf Groep Flevoland, Gooi en Vechtstreek train every Tuesday and Thursday with Sport in Business. We train in a big gymnastics room within walking distance from our work.
What kind of trainings do you get from Sport in Business?
The trainings of Blijfgroep Flevoland, Gooi en Vechtstreek focus on condition and stamina. We get fitter every week due to the (kick)boxing and several power- and stamina exercises.
What is the benefit of the weekly trainings?
Sporting with colleagues means teambuilding for us. The colleagues feel more connected. Not only do we work on our physical condition but also on our mental toughness. At work as well as in private life we feel more confident and have more perseverance. We also notice an increase in our ability to concentrate
Would you recommend other companies to train with Sport in Business?
Sporting with Sport in Business is super motivating and addictive. We train with two different trainers, so not one lesson is the same and we have a lot of variety. Both trainers motivate us to give it all. I certainly recommend Sport in Business to other companies.

“The trainings are really energizing; I am less tired now and much fitter. Clearly my stamina has increased. At work I can concentrate better and longer. The trainers are really kind and think along with every individual in our group. I, for example, have a back-ache issue. To ensure that I can participate and be part of the group, the trainers give me a variation of the exercises the others have to do.”

Chantal Konings – Teamassistent