Guaranteeing a safe and secure work environment must be the basis of every company.

The level of feeling safe and secure, at home as well as at work, impacts the achievements of
employees. To ensure or increase this level, Sport in Business facilitates self-defence trainings. This can be either a team event, a workshop or training on a regular basis. Certified trainers teach the most effective and realistic techniques, using instinctive movements, realistic scenario’s and practical
trainings. As the techniques are based on natural reflexes they are easy to master. Because of the logical approach of possible situations a lot can be learned in a relatively short time.


• Do you have a location of your own for the lessons?
• Leave it to Sport in Business to arrange the location.
• Go for a training in fresh air, train outside!


You are the boss! Let us know which training frequency per week/month fits your company and we will give our feedback . We also facilitate (one of) team events.


• 60 minutes
• 90 minutes
• Workshop
Team event


Sport in Business will provide all materials. Neither employer nor the employee has any hassle or costs. In case the employees want to buy their personal boxing-gloves, this is possible through the webshop.