Start, break or end the day with the Live Home Workout of Sport in Business.

Together Live! with Sport in Business before, during or after work hours is the perfect addition to the working day of every employee. Working from home? Colleagues can let off steam with Live! enables a refreshing get together to re-energize either during lunchtime or after laptops are closed at the end of the day. A fit employee is a happy employee, resulting in higher productivity. Stress and pressure can be coped with more easily. Sports Sporting together tightens the relationships amongst colleagues and contributes to the team spirit.


Sport in Business offers Live! Home workouts for the whole company. The workouts can be streamed via: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, Bluejeans or Zoom. The Full HD Stream Camera ensures a maximum quality of sound and vision.


The Live! Home Workout with Sport in Business will be tailormade and shaped to the wishes of the company. The training can vary from boxing to circuit training or a real tough bootcamp. The intensity of the training will be adapted to the companies wishes, and taking in consideration the fitness level of its employees. The home workouts will be challenging for all levels, from starter to experienced sportsman.


Your wish is our frequency. You can decide for yourself on the amount of trainings per week/months. In case you need advice we are happy to think along.


• 30 minutes
• 45 minutes
• 60 minutes


For the Live! Workouts no extra materials, besides a sports outfit, water and a towel, are needed. We offer the opportunity to use extra materials such as boxing gloves, (lightweight) dumbbells or a sports mat. This is not obligatory. Over time, in case an employee wants to buy boxing gloves, we offer the opportunity to buy them via through our webshop.