Trainings with Sport in business are an intense but pleasant way to sport
TradeTracker is a performancing marketing network. In the Dutch branch we mainly have sales- and accountmanagers who are in contact with our advertisers (mainly webshops) and publishers (mainly websites) who take care of the promotions via In the past 10 years the organization has grown to a market leader position with a network of 2000 advertisers. The employees of TradeTracker are literally a link between the advertisers and thousands of publishers. The challenging job with much expectations. Being able to handle pressure, persistence and a strong will are needed to be successful in this discipline
How many people are employed by
At TradeTracker we employ about 200 people divided over 15 (international) offices. Headquarters in Almere employs about 50 people
How does TradeTracker use Sport in Business?

TradeTracker uses Sport in Business in different ways. Regularly TradeTracker organizes an international trainings week for sales managers. From different countries new colleagues will travel to our headquarters in Almere to get their Sales manager training. The sessions with Sport in Business are part of the training program. The participants start their day early with a 45 minutes sport session. Sport in Business facilitates the location for these training within a five minute drive.

What kind of training does Sport in Business with TradeTracker?

With these sport sessions we want to reflect the daily work routine in the trainings. The focus is on: stamina, discipline, perseverance and team building. Next to that attention is given to cooperation and trust. All these factors are equally essential to be successful in your job.


Video: TradeTracker in training with Sport in Business

Would you recommend training with Sport in Business to other companies?

I would absolutely recommend the trainings with Sport in Business! The relation between sports and work is very important to our company. That is what we would like to see reflected in the sessions we organize together with Sport in Business.

“Trainings with Sport in business are an intense but pleasant way to sport. Our different levels are taken into account but we are always (un)knowingly challenged to push our boundaries. In spite of the fact that you are pushed to the limit the employees have perceived the sessions very well. I am enthousiastic!”.

Rob van Bergen – Sales Director