What to expect from a sample training?
The non-binding sample training can be completely fine-tuned to the wishes of the company. What should be the focus? Fitness, stamina, self-defense, teambuilding? After this training a decision can be made on what is most suitable regarding training, length and frequency.
Should employees buy their own materials?
Sport in Business provides all materials for a training. Think; boxing gloves, weights, power rope, power bands etc. In case employees want to buy their own boxing gloves, Sport in Business offers these against a reduced price via the webshop. The gloves can be send to a home-address or be picked-up at the next training.
Is it possible to visit a training location?
A training location will be chosen together with the company. Visiting a location, either indoors or outdoors, is always possible
Is there a minimum group size?
There is no requirement to the minimum size of the group . The maximum depends on the facilities of the training location.
How many trainers will be heading one group?
When the group is larger than 15 an extra trainer will join, as it is important to have personal attention. When the group is more familiar with the trainings the extra trainer will join when the group is over 20 people.
Are changing rooms and showers available at the training location?
Depending on the time of the training, Sport in Business will guarantee training locations with changing rooms and showers. In case a training is after work or outside it can be decided, togrther with the company, to request employees to take a shower at home.
Is the Work related Expense Scheme (WKR) applicable for Sport in Business?
In case the employer compensates the sports training to their employees, this refund can be seen as additional salary for the employee. However the employer can also opt to use the available percentage in the Work related Expense Scheme (WKR). For more information check the site of the ‘belastingdienst’.