Your Professionals

“We stimulate each other at work as well as outside work”

Your Professionals is a broker for professionals on permanent or ad interim jobs. The do this in specialists fields as Finance, IT, Technique and Chemical & Process industry. For each domain Your Professionals has a dedicated recruiter. This focus makes them successful in finding the right talent for a permanent or ad interim job. The right match is key for Your Professionals. As employee of Your Professionals you have to work result-oriented and be able to handle stress. Sharp targets and well defined goals are an integral part of the job. The employees of Your Professionals are facing a daily pressure to excel.
How many people work at Your Professionals?
We have about a 50 employees.
How many times does Your Professionals train with Sport in Business?
Every Tuesday and Thursday the team of Your Professional trains with Sport in Business from 11.45-12.45. In Almere the training location is facilitated by Sport in Business and only a 5 minute walk/3-minute bike-ride from our office. We train here since October 2016.
What type of trainings does Sport in Business do with Your Professionals?
We started with a combination of fit-boxing and circuit trainings. The target was to have fitter employees and of course the sporting contributed to a change of routine during our work-week. Over time level of fitness of the employees has increased . New employees join in and challenge themselves to reach that level too. When weather and spirit allow, we go outside and train in the park. Lately, on request of our employees, we have started with self-defense and more technical kickbox trainings.
What do the weekly trainings mean for you?
In the past I sported on a high level for 16 years. Unfortunately my current career put an end to that. Now that Your Professionals gives us the opportunity the train during work hours, I can pick up working on my fitness again. By training twice a week I see an improvement that does not stop at the office door. I have more energy and this enables me in empowering the team. I grow physically and have less little pains. I feel a positive influence of the trainings and it also helps to clear my head from business. As a side effect I even learned some self-defense techniques.
Would you recommend Sport in Business to other companies?
Sure, the trainings provided by Sport in Business are kind, open and based on knowledge. The structure of the trainings is logical and fits our wishes. Apart from that they are accessible for everyone. We all get something out of it, irrespective of our level.

“You can take our Sport in Business literally as we sport during work with a fixed group of colleagues. We stimulate each other at work but also outside work. We feel that sporting together contributes to our way of working, always stretching our capabilities. We all strive to get better in a nice competitive way that does not have a negative impact on our professional relationship.
The structure as well as the frequency of the trainings makes us tick and keeps us sharp during work. The trainings contribute to our productivity. Not only can we better handle setbacks, our minds are clearer as well”

Ingmar Adema – Managing consultant Engineering & Technical Services