Sporting is a release valve which has direct results in the stress levels at work and in our private lives

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How many people work for Mediaxplain*?
At the moment we are with about 70 colleagues at Mediaxplain*.
How many times does Mediaxplain* train with Sport in Business?
Mediaxplain* organizes a 8-week training course with Sport in Business multiple times a year. During the first training a baseline measurement in the form of a fit-test is done. Then we train for 6 weeks and during training 8 we do the fit-test again. We all receive a personal report that shows both results.
What kind of trainings do you get from Sport in Business?
We vary with (kick)boxing, bootcamp and circuit trainings. The exercises from the baseline measurements are repeated now and then, so that we can train them and get stronger, which should show in the final measurements.
What is your opinion on the start- and end fitness measurements?
Looking at the results almost everyone made real progress. Because of this approach you know what your are working for and that was a strong motivator in our opinion. Everyone had it in the back of their minds and was working towards an improvement. I would certainly recommend it to other
groups to do the same!
Results March/April 2019
Condition+ 13,21
Stamina+ 14,47
Power+ 13,26
Perseverance+ 7,83
Results June/August 2019
Condition+ 4,28
Stamina+ 6,94
Power+ 17,51
Perseverance+ 10,83
What is the benefit of the weekly trainings?
As we train together every Tuesday, it has become a structural part of my week as a person and as an employee. Next to that it contributes strongly to the solidarity amongst the colleagues that take part.
In the beginning we where a bit apprehensive, but as the weeks passed the fun took control over you. For many of us (for me as well) it breaks the week and releases stress. All this next to an improvement in condition and stamina.

Video: Mediaxplain* in training met Sport in Business

Would you recommend other companies to train with Sport in Business?
Ab-so-lu-te-ly! Liselot and her colleagues can really motivate you, they think along with you, create variety and challenges in the trainings and are really nice at the same time.
Thies van Zadelhoff – Social Media Consultant