Do something different and go for a (one-off) team event by Sport in Business!

Not only is a sports team event different and fun, it also creates a good vibe. Sporting connects colleagues in a unique and original way. It is good for both the team spirit and the body. Challenge your team!


• Does your company have sports facilities?
• Should Sport in Business arrange a location?
• Choose to train in the fresh outdoor


A team event with Sport in Business will be completely tailormade to the wishes of the company. The actual training can vary from fit-boxing or circuit-, runningtraining of maybe a tough bootcamp. Also the intensity of the training can be adopted to the level of the employees. Should the focus be on cooperation or on being a physical challenge. Sporters and non-sporters will enjoy the team event with Sport in Business.


• 30 mins
• 45 mins
• 60 mins
• 90 mins


Ensure that your employees trust each other even more by training with Sport in Business. When preferred Sport in Business can focus on team building only.


Sport in Business will provide all materials. Neither employer nor the employee has any hassle or costs. In case the employees want to buy their personal boxing-gloves , this is possible through the webshop