Employees with more energy, less chronic pains and a strong mental health

Many jobs require a high concentration level for long periods of time. Especially in office jobs, the employee is seated a lot and too long, The intention to engage in sports “later in the evening” is there but not always followed-up. As an employer you now have the opportunity to offer sports directly after work. The easy entry level of location, moment and level stimulates to follow-up on the intention. In return the employer will meet a fitter, happier employee. The decrease of (chronic) pain will influence the absence due to illness. The employee will be more energized and mental health will also improve. Team spirit will benefit as well.


• Does your company have sports facilities?
• Should Sport in Business arrange a location?
• Choose to train in the fresh outdoor


The amount of training per week/month is completely up to the company. Sport in Business can play an advisory role.


• 30 mins
• 45 mins
• 60 mins


Sport in Business will provide all materials. Neither employer nor the employee has any hassle or costs. In case the employees want to buy their personal boxing-gloves , this is possible through the webshop.